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Waves Keeper: How to Protect Your Cryptocurrency

WavesKeeper allows you to access the Waves network through a web extension. You can also manage your accounts using this blockchain-powered service. WavesKeeper will allow you to secure manage your cryptocurrency and access blockchain-powered web services.

To store your keys securely, you can use Waves Keeper. If you’re looking to use the Waves Keeper, you need to first install the application. You will then need to create an account. Next, you need to generate the seed phrase, which is a passphrase used to access your account. You can create multiple accounts on your device, or import an existing one. To add an account to your device, you will need to enter the user name, email address, and password. Once you’re done, you can proceed to signing transactions. You can sign transactions quickly and without revealing any sensitive information. You can use this tool to sign transactions, and to view the transaction details and its source. You can review the transaction details and either accept or reject the transaction.


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